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Home Humidifiers

Did you know that dry air can affect the respiratory system by taking moisture from nose and throat passages? This makes us more susceptible to colds and flu bugs. Dry air can take moisture from the skin leading to cracked or bleeding knuckles, chapped lips, and skin condition flare-ups. When the air is very dry,

The BC Residential Tenancy Act

British Columbia’s Residential Tenancy Act (the Act) and Regulation apply to: Tenancy agreements Rental units Residential properties The landlord's responsibilities A landlord is someone who, in exchange for rent, gives another person (the tenant) the right to use the residential property. A landlord can be: The owner of the buildingThe owner’s agent The owner’s successors

The Importance of Regular Inspections

Good communication with tenants Regular inspections are an opportunity for tenants to communicate their needs to the landlord, and for landlords to reiterate their rules to the tenants. This bi-directional communication creates a cooperative relationship. Tenants are an asset and also your best source of information about the property. Together, tenants and managers can ensure

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