Best practices

Marketing a rental property is about advertising its best features and benefits to the right group of people. It’s also about matching people with the types of properties they are most likely to be interested in. We’ve done our job when the tenant and landlord are both motivated to sign a lease.

You can lean on our experience to position your rental property in the market. We’ll help you make sure it’s ready to rent, set the rent based on comparable properties, and ensure the lease process goes smoothly.

Our experience as REALTORS® shows in the way we approach marketing and how the property is described. Our marketing is interdisciplinary: it takes into consideration the how, why, what, and where a property will be judged. Everybody wants the same things: safety, security, and if possible, some prestige that comes with living in a good development. Home is where we eat, sleep, cook, play, and exercise, and sometimes work.

A well-designed marketing plan includes a detailed description on how a particular home will contibute to a healthy lifestyle. We know what matters to renters because we’re always listening to the concerns and priorities of buyers. Digital marketing of property is standard for all rentals. We advertise and regularly communicate with clients on social media. Visit our Facebook and Instagram pages to see what we’re up to. In the footer of this website, you can read our Tweets to understand some of the issues that interest us most.

We are leaders in the community of real estate and property management. Contact us today for more information on rental management in the Columbia Valley.

We work at the intersection of social connections and fiduciary duty