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Fall Home Maintenance

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Autumn is a season full of traditions that celebrate the harvest and the coming of winter. The weather is cooler and sometimes even cold. The wind is more noticeable and leaves blow around like colourful confetti. It's also a time when your home needs one last inspection before the snow (or West Coast rain) arrives.

Regular Home Inspections

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Many people don't realize how important it is to inspect their house on a regular basis. You may be able to do a complete inspection on your own, but if not, consider hiring a home inspector. Inspectors are trained professionals, sometimes with years of experience in the construction industry, and will know where to look

Launder Like Hotels

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Luxury hotels make tremendous investments in bedding and towels that is apparent by the way they look and feel. “Hotel quality” is often synonymous with thick, absorbent cotton fabrics. Sheets are measured by the hundreds or even thousands of threads-per-inch that make them softer and more comfortable. To ensure the longevity of their linens, hotels

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